Interviews with Industry Leaders - "Leadership & Career"

Watch this conversation where Ada Tai conducted an interview with Heather Stewart on Leadership & Career.


Heather is the President of BBE Expediting Ltd., a Canadian Supply Chain company. Heather is the first-ever list of 100 Influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain™.

Sherry Scott is the HR Director for one of the largest hotel chains in Canada. With over 25 years of experience in HR, Sherry is a very well-respected HR Leader in the Alberta hospitality industry. She has also been actively serving on different boards.

Marcie Kiziak is the President of Nova Cannabis, a division of Alcanna, a renowned retailer of highly-regulated controlled substances in Canada. With a background in Human Resources, Marcie talks about her career trajectory and how she landed an operational leadership role. Relying on her experiences hiring and managing people, Marie shares the "secret" of the traits that leaders look for from talent nowadays.

Watch this conversation where Ada Tai conducted an interview with Lee Stanfield for a new initiative called "HR Explores Alberta's Workplaces" vlog.


In this Vlog, Lee discusses how she landed in HR through a sideways path, and how her organization continues to grow and innovate during the pandemic. Don’t miss the part where they explore how her employer - Fishbone Analytics achieves an outcome-based driven culture.

In this Vlog, Lisa Murray shares her HR career path, then her experience as the only HR person at the Town of Blackfalds. You will also learn about an interesting online Employee Performance Review and Feedback portal. 


In this Vlog, Kyanna Prazma shares her unique experience of managing the HR functions at a First Nations community, without being a First Nation member herself. You will also learn about how compensation structure is set up at a First Nation community, and how her role has evolved during the pandemic in a smaller location. 

In this Vlog, Sarah Casorso discusses how she and the leadership team at ECO Canada were able to achieve a higher than 80% employee engagement score, and how they continuously develop their employees through building a strong workplace culture. Don’t miss the part where she shares her inspiring career story.