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Listen to our Panel Interview conducted by Adrienne Pan, host of CBC Edmonton's afternoon drive show, Radio Active - 
We tackle the future of work with a panel of Edmonton HR professionals. Whether you're an office worker or not, you'll want to hear about what work will look like.
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“When we were looking to hold our initial HR in a Box sessions in Edmonton, one of our partners (Chartered Professional in Human Resources Alberta) highly recommended that we reach out to Ada Tai at BadaB Consulting as a potential speaker.

The purpose of the HR in a Box sessions is to share best practices and innovative solutions to help small and medium sized organizations build their knowledge and capacity. The informative content she delivers along with her presentation style allows Ada to interact well with the session attendees. By doing so, she shares her expertise to support these organizations as they solve their management issues.

Since that first session we have continued to ask Ada if she would be available to present at various locations across Alberta (Fort McMurray, Hinton, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, etc.) and in each case she has been willing to present and to continues to support the session attendees.”

Chris Thomas

Board of Director


“Our organization engaged BadaB Consulting Inc. to help develop 10 workshops encompassing the entire business startup process for our clients – entrepreneurs with disabilities, who are exploring starting their own businesses. Our clients were impressed with the simple and effective tools that BadaB Consulting built for them and have provided us with extremely positive feedback. They are more confident and educated to start their adventure.  We are also very grateful for the extra advice that BadaB has provided to us to continually build this program. 


Ada Tai, from BadaB, facilitated our first pilot workshop. Ada has a natural talent in facilitation and motivating people – she has an engaging way of delivering information in a clear and uncomplicated way. Dry and sometimes difficult topics seem to come alive during her facilitation.  Ada is able to seamlessly combine her own experiences and examples to validate her credibility as a subject matter expert.”

Dave Reid

Business Advisor

Prospect Human Services

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