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As organizations strive for excellence in the business environment and advocate best practices, we have seen a bigger commitment to inclusion from the community. Through Triangle of Inclusion, we recognize the efforts that organizations put into their workplace to achieve inclusive environment where employees feel attached and customers feel welcomed. 

​Our Services Include:

  1. Review your workplace D&I practices

  2. Recognizing your D&I efforts

  3. Customizing your D&I practices

  4. Training for small and large groups

  5. Coaching

  6. Strategic planning on D&I

  7. Providing access to our regularly updated research, articles, tips and trends

Your Consultants

Ada Tai,


“I look and sound differently. I think and act differently too. From my own experience, I learned that  talents’ diverse perspectives and approaches make organizations stronger.” 

Ada Tai has been working as a HR professional in a variety of industries and organizations for well over a decade. She provides effective and pragmatic HR services and corporate training. Ada applies a holistic approach to inclusion practices in the workplace through strategically integrating effective people management processes, programs and practices. She has also helped organizations to successfully examine their workforce mix and implement programs that addressed challenges of diversity.


Ada is regularly invited to speak on human resources, people management and career search topics throughout the province. She is also a respected instructor at post-secondary institutions.

Dr. Mike Annett, CPHR, PhD

“If you think the same as me that means that only one of us is thinking; If you think differently than me, then we both have an opportunity to learn.”

Dr. Mike Annett’s work focuses on human resource management and the systems that organizations use to manage and support their workforce. Mike advocates for effective and socially responsible management.

Mike's training sessions involve addressing real-life HR problems, understanding current events and creatively applying fundamental knowledge. His research targets the practical problems that HR professionals face when striving to increase workplace inclusion. He uses a risk lens to help make sense of organizational and supervisor concerns and identify pathways forward.

Renate Burwash

“I’ve learned a lot from people who see the world differently. We all want to belong, to feel included, and to be able to be ourselves and be valued for that. In this way,

we are not different at all.”  

With 15+ years of workplace and community inclusion experience, Renate Burwash's passion is to support businesses to become more inclusive workplaces.


Renate’s practice is informed by years of collaborating with employers, colleagues, government, and people who live with barriers to employment. She was named one of Edmonton's Top 100 Women in Business by the University of Alberta's Wanderer magazine in 2014. Renate has presented on Disability Inclusion and other Diversity & Inclusion topics at conferences across Canada and in the U.S. Renate holds a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.

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