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Business Technology Capabilities

We take a Business-Centric and Customer-Oriented approach to understanding your business objectives and strategic plan.

Subsequently, we help with:​

Technology Landscape Assessment

You work hard, have been around for a long time, and lack time to reflect. You think that your business is a well-oiled machine. And there is nothing wrong with praising your enterprise. You deserve it.

But (and there are always "buts," somehow), your dedication, industriousness, and accountability, inevitably create self-satisfaction, and you fall into the complacency trap.

What if an experienced, impartial and knowledgeable team who understands the overall market assesses/evaluates your overall/partial business technology environment?

The outcome of such work provides an in-depth assessment of the technology area(s) current state, identifies risks and opportunities, and provides possible future/target state of relevant business technology acumen. 

One of the Critical Questions: Is your technology flexible enough for your needs?

Business Case Formulation

People can come up with (business) ideas daily. But few ideas deliver tangible results. 

A person in charge must verify the activity's potential and the risk level of such an idea. This is the first step toward bringing business ideas to fruition.

All companies should prepare business cases, regardless of their size and market presence.

We build business cases by maximizing your strengths (knowledge, risk awareness and passion) and keeping your unknowns to a minimum.

One of the Critical Questions: Does your culture "allow" spending time/money on Business Cases?

IT Roadmap / How To's to Achieve a Target State

We create a technology roadmap as a visual display of your path to your future state. As a component of an IT strategy, the roadmap will include a schedule/timeline, including current, start and end conditions and the following ingredients (outlined over time): 

Steps outlining the critical actions necessary to achieve the objectives. 

Milestones identifying where key deliverables/value is delivered. 

Resources focusing on the start, the point in time, the overall use and availability to end the journey. 

Decision points that include the major evaluation areas where decisions (go, don't go, change) are made about the initiative.

One of the Critical Questions: When was the last time you looked at your technology roadmap?

Data Driven Solutions / Decision Making Design

Data always tells a story. The data doesn't lie, doesn't hold grudges, and doesn't have feelings. As the ultimate business asset, data defines the future when used correctly.

Data-driven solutions, driven by the enterprise data ecosystem, bring organizations closer to their desired target state.

Data-informed decisions (correctly managed and governed) will eliminate your data debt.

We work with you to build an environment where data are valued as an asset.

Together, we raise awareness about data.

One of the critical Questions: What is the value of your data?

IT Strategy and Policy Development

"Strategy" is an overused word, but the need for a plan that will help you reach the future is necessary. 

The same is valid for policies. We are not fond of them, but we (know that we) need them. 

The plan will include a budget, allowing you to calm down resistance and determine the best way to reach your destination. 

We include all the ingredients of the plan to get you where you need to be. We develop your policies with your employees - they have more business knowledge. And most of all, they have "invisible" wisdom that is crucial in eliminating the accumulated bottlenecks.

One of the Critical Questions: Are you serious about using the strategy/conforming to the policies?

Self-Serving Business Platforms Development

As humans, we enjoy independence. We don't like the limitations and lack of access to our needed assets.


In many cases, business data is "held hostage" by "famous" silos, which can only add to an existing data debate. 

We show you how to remove this draining reality, demonstrating the value of your data through everyday use cases.


We assist you in establishing Data Centers for Excellence. Staff will acquire the data they need independently, as in any e-commerce platform. Bottlenecks will be eliminated, shields will be reduced, and employees will have more time to focus on their work.

One of the Critical Questions: Can your staff access right data when needed?

Program / Project Management

We help you implement your programs and projects by drawing on our expertise. We have refined our program and project management skills since the last century.


Our approach is to pay attention and raise the profile of a triple 'P' (people, processes and portfolios). We may ask tough questions and find gaps, but all of this will be used to achieve the program/project objectives.

One of the Critical Questions: Can you adapt to any situation?

New Technology Implementation Support

We all depend on technology and are eager to introduce it or improve it. In many cases, new or improved technology doesn't fulfill expectations. We have seen it.

We ask important questions before planning for technological changes. Did you improve processes before improving technology? 

Have you learned 'secrets' from your front-line staff or people who are hands-on in your business?

We help you put together RFI / RFP documents, as well as guide you through the whole process:

  1. Keep employees in the loop as you decide on new technology

  2. Explain why new workplace technology is needed in the first place.

  3. Use technology to make life better for employees.

  4. Boost end-user adoption by breaking the workforce into groups.

  5. Provide training and time to learn.

One of the Critical Questions: Do you need new technology?

Change Management

While there are many definitions of change management and millions of years of human experience, there is always the chance that it will fail.

It falls short because the human side of change has been overlooked. The people who were supposed to be driving change were either too high up the chain of command or simply not prepared, supported, equipped, or engaged.

We help you manage change by implementing strategies to drive change, control change, and help people adapt to change.

One of the Critical Questions: Has front-end staff been involved with the Change Management process?

Digital / Business Transformation Enablement

Digital transformation is integrating digital technology into all business areas, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It is also a cultural shift that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment and feel comfortable with failure.

We help you to embark on such a journey by focusing on:

  • Business Model Transformation

  • Process Transformation

  • Cultural/Organizational/People Transformation

  • Domain Transformation


It won't be easy; it will take time, but the result will be worth it.

One of the Critical Questions: Are you ready for a digital business transformation?

Business Continuity Planning

We enable you to continue functioning during trying times. We know that you have thought about it, have plans, and are ready for it.

We suggest you ask a question: How did my business continuity plan work during Covid?

We help you to devise a business continuity strategy by including the 4 P's:

  • People (staff and customers)

  • Processes (the technology and processes required)

  • Premises and providers

  • Suppliers and partners


One of the Critical Questions: What do you do if something goes wrong?

HR Automation

Technology can support HR transformation. Implementing suitable software will streamline processes, leverage analytics and improve time and cost savings for businesses. 

HR Automation is best utilized for repetitive activities, such as recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, leave requests, payroll, benefits administration, employee data, performance management, professional development, reporting and analytics.

It is crucial to have consultants with both HR and Technology expertise to conduct business request analysis and project management from the start to implementation.

One of the Critical Questions: Are you ready for automation?

On-site Support

Our team is flexible in meeting your regular or casual on-site requests. The presence of an IT professional who is readily available to answer questions during organizational change or the implementation of a new program can improve management effectiveness and employee satisfaction. At other times, companies temporarily require external experts to complement their IT functions.


No assignment is too big or too small: whether it’s temporary staff to manage a specific project, cover leave or fill a leadership role, we are here to support you!

On-site support
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