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Job Search Training & Career Coaching

Does one of the situations below apply to you?​

  • You are almost done with school but don't know what to do with your education...

  • You are looking for work but don't know which direction to take...

  • You do not like your current job, you feel career development is not smooth, and you cannot see the future...

  • You are hesitant to change jobs, although your current job does not give you what you desire.


We successfully trained over 500 job seekers from diverse backgrounds in Canada and the U.S. Some of our clients got great opportunities with the City of Edmonton, Stantec, Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, University of Alberta, Concordia University, Alberta Blue Cross, Maple Leaf Foods, Deloitte, MNP, KPMG, EY, Collins Barrow, Sysco, EPCOR, Finning, AIMCo, TD, RBC, BMO, ATB Financial, and many other organizations, in all levels of positions.


Career Planning

  • We will first get to know you

  • Then we will help you to develop a plan which would address your career needs while taking into consideration of your career vision, strengths and expertise, professional skills, values, industry factors, corporate factors, career development prospects, etc.

Ace the Interview

  • Explain the complete interview and selection process from the HR's perspective

  • Help you prepare for interviews and conduct mock interviews

Other One-on-One Coaching Services

  • Networking skills

  • Any employment-related questions, such as promotion preparation, salary negotiations, background checks, corporate policies, communication with superiors, resignation, layoff, dismissal, etc.

Revamp Resume & Cover Letter

  • Highlight your strengths, tailor your Resume and Cover Letter to the desired jobs 

  • Plus, a 40-minute one-on-one meeting with our consultant to discuss your Resume and Cover Letter, and answer any questions you may have about your job search

Build An Attractive LinkedIn Profile

  • > 90% of employers use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool to search for talent

  • Provide an overview of LinkedIn as a job search and networking tool

  • Help you create a powerful profile that's attractive to recruiters

Online Classes for Job Seekers

  • 20 classes, 20 minutes each

  • Walk you through the entire career planning, job searching and professional development process

Some of our clients are hiring!

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