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What Our Clients Say About Us

Consulting & Training

Thank you for your wise consultation.


Because of BadaB’s involvement, we had an objective way to make organizational changes that were long overdue. Frankly, to date, it has been a rather peaceful process. It had the potential to not be so. We intentionally focused on validating the positive contributions of the past but also the energy that will be needed as we move into an exciting future.


The new structure that you recommended is well designed based on our organization's situation and growth plan. The Technology strategies you prepared gave us a clear picture of what we need to do in the next 5 years and the related costs

Daryl Martin, CEO

South Country Village

When we were looking to hold our initial HR in a Box sessions in Edmonton, one of our partners (CPHR - Chartered Professional in Human Resources Alberta) highly recommended that we reach out to Ada Tai as a potential presenter.


The purpose of the HR in a Box sessions is to share best practices and innovative solutions to help small and medium-sized organizations to build capacity.


The informative content she delivers along with her presentation style allows Ada to interact well with the session attendees. By doing so, she shares her expertise to support these organizations as they solve their management issues.


Since that first session, we have continued to ask Ada if she would be available to present at various locations across Alberta and in each case she has been willing to present and continue to support the session attendees.

Chris Thomas, Board Director


Our organization engaged BadaB Consulting to help develop 10 workshops encompassing the entire business startup process for our clients – entrepreneurs with disabilities, who are exploring starting their own businesses. Our clients were impressed with the simple and effective tools that BadaB Consulting built for them and have provided us with extremely positive feedback. They are more confident and educated to start their adventure.  We are also very grateful for the extra advice that BadaB has provided to us to continually build this program. 

Ada Tai facilitated our first pilot workshop. Ada has a natural talent in facilitating and motivating people – she has an engaging way of delivering information in a clear and uncomplicated way. Ada is able to seamlessly combine her own experiences and examples to validate her credibility as a subject matter expert.  

Dave Reid, Business Advisor

Prospect Human Services

Ada has a great HR experience, the first time I was introduced to her was in a screening phone call for my current job, I was impressed by the professional way she introduced herself and the company to me, and how she knew exactly what to ask. I was amazed by her punctuality, the whole hiring process took less than three weeks. thanks to her also the on-boarding process was pretty smooth.

I recommend her and and wish her all the best in her current endeavor.

Sarmad Nasir, Manager, Digital Transformation, MIT Sloan Executive Education

BadaB Consulting became a close partner with our agency several years ago. They delivered workshops for our adult and youth newcomer clients on finding employment in Canada, and then were selected to audit our entire HR function, including our policies and procedures. The BadaB team spent a lot of time and effort getting to know the non-profit sector, our organization, our staff and designed suitable HR solutions targeted to our needs.


We retained BadaB Consulting as our ongoing HR consultant, guiding us through managing people issues and creating cutting-edge talent management programs. I am also extremely pleased with the various types of training that are provided, which helped to elevate the soft skills of our managers.

Now we are in the process of understanding our system's needs and how we can take advantage of software to automate our people management process. With BadaB's help, we will select and implement an HRIS system that best suits our needs and budget.

Aftab Khan, Executive Director

Action for Healthy Communities

I attended a few courses facilitated by BadaB Consulting. My favourite courses are the "HR Basics Every Manager Needs to Know" course and the "Data Governance" course. The content was concise and well organized and exceptionally presented. 

I was expecting my focus not to be there with the dry material. However, the instructors kept my attention, and made topics exciting. Was very impressed.

The courses were very informative and very well presented. I feel that I was provided with some valuable tools that I can take back to my employers.

Training Attendee, "HR Basics Every Manager Needs to Know" and "Data Governance" class

BadaB Consulting was highly recommended by an industry partner to provide Human Resource services for our organization.

In the past several years, we have used the BadaB team for several rounds of employee and board recruitment. They are extremely responsive to our hiring needs, have helped us effectively fill all positions within the deadlines, and charge very reasonable rates. I am also amazed with how they have been able to reach out to a large number of excellent candidates. Even with our non-traditional positions, BadaB Consulting diligently facilitated us through every step, including creating the job description from scratch and even going through refinement of our posting and additional recruiting efforts to make sure we get the right skills for our needs. Without fail, each of the people we’ve hired has been of the highest caliber.

Vanessa deKoninck, former Executive Director, Centre for Race & Culture

I would like to formally thank BadaB facilitators on behalf of “Ready to Work” Program at Action for Healthy Communities.

During our 4 valuable sessions with you, both our youths and the team have greatly benefited from your professional experience about the job market in Canada.

I find it amazing how your team can shift from training our adult staff to younger community members with such ease! Our program was not only boosted by your knowledge, but also found inspiration in you!

Kamal T., Youth Facilitator

Action for Healthy Communities

Job Search & Career Coaching

Boris' coaching is very engaging and interactive. You’ll never be bored or unchallenged. He really cares about his clients!

Boris, I just want to tell you how much I value your support! Now I got my job as a Systems Analyst. 

Calvin Houng, Systems Analyst

Ada is an über-talented HR person; and a blessing to persons working with her in transitioning back to their careers. Ada gave me a huge vote of confidences and such great guidance during my career transition to help me land a new job with my current employer.

Ada sat with me and painstakingly managed to key in, pull what was needed and to get me to be prepared to make a great interview, where as in the past I would have just froze up and rambled. I honestly couldn't have gotten my current position without all her wonderful precise advice and teachings.

Alvin Bonda, Track Designer ATCO

After being a frontline manager for over 8 years, I have started applying for promotional opportunities within my company. However, the effort did not get me anything. A friend of mine recommended Ada to be my career coach. Ada helped me to realize that besides ‘managing down’ and ‘networking internally’, I also learned to ‘manage up’. After three months of coaching with Ada, I got my dream promotion!"

Coachee in the Hospitality field

I had the great pleasure to learn from Ada at Career Forum hosted by University of Alberta, where she delivered a presentation about hiring process in Canada, building efficient strategy in everyone’s career development, and tactical skills on creating extraordinary personal brand through resumes and interviews. She is approachable and very knowledgeable regarding recruiting in Canada, so her presentation inspired me – a new immigrant who wants to continue her career in marketing, analysis and strategy. Ada’s passion for human resource management and her genuine desire to share her expertise with others is inspirational!

Mae Kim

Public Servant at Government of Canada

Two things that have changed my view from doing the career training sessions with Boris are:

1) knowing yourself inside out before going to an interview, and the importance of a ‘great’ first impression, knowing who you are and where you want to be.

2) you always need to be prepared.

Ed Lawnstawski, Logistics Coordinator

Thank you Doug for making me feel that I can be a professional and for making me feel like I am capable. The mock interview went well, and it made me feel more confident.

Coachee in the Oil & Gas field

As an introverted person, networking is my biggest weakness. After four coaching sessions with Ada, I found myself started to feel more confident and comfortable in introducing myself to strangers and eventually landed a job through meeting a person at a business event.


I cannot thank Ada enough!"

Nan Xing, Registered Speech-Language Pathologist 

BadaB's training has helped me improve and gain the knowledge on mastering a job interview. I am much more aware of what I need to improve and what skills I have. I have learned how to communicate to best represent myself to a company. These skills will help me in the future during my job search."

Danielle Kane, Administrative professional

The mock interview was sincerely beneficial for me. Doug's coaching was a wonderful culmination of real-world experience and practical knowledge. Truly and thank you! You’re doing an amazing job!

Coachee in the Finance field

Ada was my career consultant when I was looking for new employment opportunities. She was welcoming, personal, and offered a lot of insight during our sessions. Ada created a program that really fit my needs, and I know I will be using the tools and processes she has taught me. It was a great experience collaborating with Ada and I definitely valued her guidance.

Andrew Kwan, Supervisor

City of Edmonon

I lost my job during the 2016 recession. After working in the same job and company for more than 15 years, I was devastated, ashamed and totally lost. Ada helped me to come out of the darkest time of my life and gave me hope. Instead of jumping right into looking for the next job, Ada coached me to take a systematic approach in reviewing my professional experience, my personality and values. After identifying a new path, we totally revamped my resume that I had not touched in years! Ada then walked me through building a LinkedIn profile and patiently guided me through all types of popular interview situations. With her help, I landed my current job!"

Coachee in the Engineering field

BadaB Consulting thanks our clients for their long-term support!

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