The pandemic has disturbed our normal way of life. While we are pushing to maintain our productivity and a family life, we may not have realized the impact of the changes on our overall well-being. This article takes you through my personal experience of applying Personal Change Management to tackle the issues and safeguard professional...

Businesses who had a taste of success operating remotely during the pandemic are contemplating downsizing their space to save costs and offering more flexible work arrangements to their workers. While businesses are re-opening, does returning to work mean that employees will return to their office? If more and more organizations pursue...

As the province announced the three stages of re-opening, businesses will start to resume some level of operations and recall workers back to work. How do we adapt to the new phase of business? How do we have a safe and effective restart to ensure employees’ engagement and long-term prosperity? This blog explores six strategic steps tha...

The world of work will be different after COVID-19. This blog is written from a Human Resources and Business Management perspective - explore effective professional development and self-learning methods, and share insight on how continuous self development supports one's career growth, especially post-pandemic.

At times like this, businesses are occupied with managing changes. Discussing employee’s needs for healthcare benefits is probably not on top of their mind. For my 5th blog written for CPHR AB, I had the pleasure of co-authoring it with Earl Shindruk, a seasoned benefits broker. In this article, we discussed the critical components of e...

Recently, Ada had the honour of presenting to a group of 300+ job seekers. She shared my personal story of how she got her first job after university at a job fair. However, times have changed. Attending job fairs nowadays requires a different mindset and more polished networking skills to reap the full benefit.

This is the time of the year when we are busy setting goals, whether it is personal goals or professional goals. If we search on the internet, there is no shortage of instructions on how to set a SMART goal. However, the importance of aligning the goals set with the vision that we / organizations want to achieve is often missed. Without...

I recently conducted a survey with my students in regards to their work integration struggles, and explored what employers can do to creatively engage potential candidates through an interview with Dr. Rickard Enstroem.

Payroll is one of the most significant expenses of a business. This makes cutting down the workforce an obvious response to stop bleeding during a tough economic time. However, work still needs to get done! This is the time when HR needs to become even more strategic than ever before. Let's explore the "how"!

  • Monster – 是一个国际性的招聘网站,涵盖各个行业及领域的工作。求职者还可以在它的网站上找到很多求职的技巧与信息。此外,求职者还可以在这个网站上upload自己的简历以便被雇主搜索到。

  • Workopolis – 是一个总部位于多伦多的加拿大的招聘网站。雇主在上面刊登各行业的招聘广告。此外,求职者还可以在这个网站上upload自己的简历以便被雇主搜索到。

  • Eluta – 是我个人很喜欢的,也是一个加拿大本土的招聘网站。我喜欢这个网站的内容简单、明了,招聘广告的排列顺序是以相关性来排列的。这个网站上还有简短的对雇主公司的评价。

  • Glassdoor – 这个网站收集了大量的招聘信息,但是更为吸引人的则是该网站上包含了很多公司的招聘...

Ada's personal view on the diversified workforce in Canada, interview conducted by TalentPool.

"The knowledge we gained in colleges depletes about 20% each year." If you have not recharged yourself in awhile, this is a good starting point.

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