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Human Resources Capabilities

Have you experienced difficulty attracting people? Do your people show a lack of engagement? Is your business faced with the challenge of not having the right talent to lead the organization to the future?

Human Resources management is to effectively and efficiently manage organizational talent. It is both a strategic and operational activity of increasing complexity. An organization's people resources can directly impact achieving a business's objectives and the bottom line. 

Our team of HR consultants partners with our clients to identify and implement suitable HR solutions. We support you through the entire process of needs analysis, planning, solution design, implementation and evaluation.

Staffing Capacity Review & Forecast

Staffing Capacity Review and Forecasting translate the business strategy into human capital. It begins with examining the current composition of the workforce, the competence of the staff, the achievement of results, the budget, etc. It then recommends staffing plans using methodical methods. ​

This process will help businesses properly plan for staffing resources in advance and without waste or duplication, reduce labour costs and maximize productivity.

Critical Question: Do some of your branches or departments have too many employees not doing enough, but others are struggling with the opposite?

Leadership Review

360 Degree Review provides an opportunity for leaders to receive feedback from all perspectives, see their blind spots and work on their growth.

Executives' Performance Review is a critical retention and motivation tool. This process helps set expectations and make informed compensation decisions. The more senior the executives, the more significant impact they can have on the organization's performance. Performance review documents are legal documents.

Critical Question: Do you struggle giving feedback to support your leaders' growth and development?

Organizational Review & Design 


​An organizational review enables an in-depth analysis of corporate functions against the expected outcomes. It encompasses understanding the business's strategic plan, assessing the structure, span of control, decision-making flows, communication channels, inter-departmental collaborations, and workflow. ​It then defines the must-have processes to offer services to clients and group work that needs to be done. After benchmarking and gap analysis, a recommended organizational structure will be presented to business leaders.

Critical Question: Does your leader have more than ten direct reports, and employees complain about not having the needed access to the CEO?

Compensation Evaluation & Design

A compensation review evaluates an organization's base pay, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, time off, professional development, and other perks. The review will help the business pay its staff based on market information through benchmarking, surveys, and HR data analytics.


A compensation system should align employees' behaviours with business objectives. The design will enable the business to be externally competitive and internally equitable. While creating a structure for base pay, short and long-term incentives should also be explored.

Critical Question: Does your compensation system drive results ?

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a future-focused strategy and process of identifying the right talent for critical positions at the right time.

It begins with understanding the business, its strategies, and the critical positions needed to support business continuity. Both internal high potential employees and external sources of candidates will be explored. Finally, action plans will be developed to address the needs of developing internal talents and sourcing external candidates.

Critical Question: Have you experienced the scrambling of hiring for a senior position at the last minute or employees asking what is my career path?

Policies & Procedures Setup

Policies and procedures are essential management tools. They ensure compliance with legislation and best practices, set expectations for conduct, provide guidance for handling difficult situations, ensure standardized and consistent behaviour and performance, and encourage accountability.


Policies and procedures are best reviewed annually and updated as needed. Proper education and implementation of the revised/new policies and procedures are also critical.

Critical Question: Have you struggled to manage difficult employee relations issues?

Recruitment & Selection

An organization's success relies on its people. 

Adopting a holistic view of talent attraction, recruitment should start with fully understanding the organization's vision, values, objectives and challenges. The most suitable candidates are not people who can do the job but people who also display citizenship behaviours. A good selection process will also bring in people who will stay with the organization for an extended period of time.

Critical Questions: Are you having difficulty hiring people in today's environment? Have you examined alternative approaches?

Merger & Acquisition HR Support

Today, there is never a shortage of mergers, acquisitions and restructuring. However, 70-90% of M&A deals fail. The main reason is the two companies' culture clash. HR support is vital in an M&A deal. 

HR experts should be involved from pre-planning and due diligence to post-close integration. The M&A HR strategy should support the execution of the business plan and play an essential role in business integration, transition plan design, employee assimilation and integration, post-transaction HR strategy, technology, change management and people management.

Critical Questions: Did you know that 60% of M&A transactions destroy shareholder value? Do you know the most critical HR consideration during the due diligence process?

Employee Engagement Initiatives

The pandemic has resulted in surges of "quiet quitting" and "great resignation." Engaged employees deliver better results and promote a team environment. Having a high turnover is unaffordable.

Engagement and cultural assessment can be done through surveys, observations, focus groups, or turnover analysis. The audit will identify strengths and opportunities of the employee experience, zero in on areas of concern and develop targeted action plans.

Critical Questions: Do you know what contributes to your employees putting in the extra effort?  When was the last time you conducted a "stay interview"?

Outplacement & Career Coaching

Business restructuring, lay-off and termination are reasons employers end employment with one or a group of employees. 3rd-party career coaches partner with businesses to plan the exit strategies and assist the departing employees with their journey from the last moment of employment to bridging to a new opportunity. Outplacement is an employer-sponsored benefit typically provided as part of a severance package. 

The Career Coaches then work with these employees on career planning, resume/cover letter/LinkedIn update, interview preparation, networking strategies, and administrative support.

Critical Question: Did you struggle with handling disgruntled employees whom you just let go and publish unwelcomed messages on social media? 

Workplace Investigations

Harassment and violence are defined as workplace hazards in the provincial OH&S code. Employers have a duty to investigate when they see/hear possible prohibited activity or when it is reported. An investigation must be conducted in a thorough, independent and impartial manner. The process is to ascertain the facts to justify decisions. 

An effective investigation can reduce an employer’s risk of liabilities and reputational harm. It will also help restore the workplace balance.

Critical Question: Have you wondered why people from parts of your organization are resigning more often? 

HR Automation

Technology can support HR transformation. Implementing suitable software will streamline processes, leverage analytics and improve savings.

HR Automation is best utilized for repetitive activities, such as recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, leave requests, payroll, benefits administration, employee data, performance management, professional development, reporting and analytics.

Having consultants with both HR and Technology expertise is crucial. They conduct business analysis and project management from the start to implementation.

Critical Questions: Are you having trouble obtaining accurate employee information and analytics to support your business decisions? What processes can be streamlined?

Board Governance

Effective Board governance is critical to any non-profit organization's success. From developing Board job descriptions, Terms of References, Board policy manual, and Board recruitment process, to evaluating Board performance and managing the Executive Director's performance, to updating the Bylaws, a highly functioning Board needs structures and systems. 

Critical Questions: How often do you update your Bylaws? What best practices do you follow when updating your governance policies? 

Executive Director Development

The Board has only one employee: that is the Executive Director or the CEO of the organization. Reporting to a large board consisting of volunteers is challenging for the leaders. Not establishing proper ED recruitment, performance review and management process will make it challenging for the engagement and retention of the ED. 

Critical Question: When was the last time your Board spoke to the ED regarding their performance? 

Board Retreat & Strategic Planning

A Board retreat is a part of the annual Board development cycle. It provides the Board opportunities to develop relationships and invite deeper conversations on organization direction and governance.

A strategic planning session provides a focused, vision-driven plan that embeds the strategic plan into the governance and operational framework of the organization.

Critical Question: Is your strategic plan adaptable to the changes needed? 

On-site Support

Our team is flexible in meeting your regular or casual on-site requests. The presence of an HR professional who is readily available to answer questions during organizational change or the implementation of a new program can improve management effectiveness and employee satisfaction. At other times, companies temporarily require external experts to complement their HR functions.


No assignment is too big or too small: whether it’s temporary staff to manage a specific project, cover leave or fill a leadership role, we are here to support you!

An HR facilitator leads a team of employee discussion
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