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Business Technology Capabilities

We take a Business-Centric and Customer-Oriented approach to understanding your business objectives and strategic plan.

Subsequently, we help:​

  • Technology Landscape Assessment / Business Case Formulation

  • IT Strategy / Policy Development

  • IT Roadmap / How To’s to Achieve a Target State

  • Data-Driven Solutions / Decision-Making Design

  • Self-serving Business Intelligence Platforms Development

  • Program / Project Management

  • Change Management

  • New Technology Implementation Support

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Digital / Business Transformation Enablement

Corporate IT & Data Strategy

We developed corporate IT strategy plans and designed road maps. We also established performance metrics and governance policies. 

Furthermore, we identified data needs of different areas of business, streamlined data collection, sharing, visualization, management, and evaluation; hence enhancing the end-users' experience.

Overall, we managed multi-million dollar complex Business Intelligence programs/projects using advanced technology. 

Business Meeting
Analyzing Data

Architecture Office Establishment

We established an Architecture Office in a variety of organizations. The scope of our work included developing Architecture Domains, creating Roadmaps, designing Application Portfolios, recommending Architecture Governance, and rolling out Communication plans. 

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We assessed businesses' risks, determined critical operational functions, developed and implemented BCP that ensured business resilience and adaptability at multiple levels of organizations. Then we communicated and trained both internal and external stakeholders. 

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Hazardous Materials Management Program

We created solutions to optimize the capability to track hazardous materials in organizations' assets. 

We also documented Asset Management migration environments, Data Dictionary for Asset Property Management, and RFP information for Hazardous Materials Management Program. 

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